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The Almighty Alhambra

It’s as beautiful as you imagined,folks.

This past Saturday I got to tour the Alhambra, the remains of  Moorish palaces from the 14th century. Although the walk uphill to the beginning of the tour required a respirator, it was well worth it. The complex was a Muslim territory until the Reconquista of 1492 led to the building of many Christian establishments. I will try and spare you the rest of the history that could easily be retrieved on wikipedia, but I have to digress a bit into the aesthetics. Each and every step I took, there was something even more beautiful than before. The details in the stucco, the carvings in the wood, the stained glass ceilings and the views were nothing short of breathtaking . Additionally, our tour was extra exciting because it was the first day the fountains had running water in over 10 years! Our tour guide, a Spanish man with an impeccable British accent had never even seen them working! Pretty monumental if you ask me. No pun intended. We were told, if possible, to take another tour in the spring when all the flowers are in bloom because it is supposedly ten times more beautiful.

check out that detail


a view of the Albaicin

After the tour, we walked back into the heart of the city with a few pit stops, of course. Lots of Arab shops tempted us with hand-painted ceramics, sequined change purses, mini hookahs and Alhambra themed t-shirts everything. Most of them were resisted after we realized how soon we would be visiting the Albaicin district, an Arab neighborhood not too far from where we live. Much more authentic knick-knacks await us there. Lastly, we stopped at a tetería (tea house) where I opted to get what they call a milkshake, and I call a roofie-infused smoothie, instead of tea. It was a delicious raspberry concoction that made me so tired I almost fell asleep before the check came.

Saturday really took a lot out of us, so Sunday was a nice de-stresser. Aside from going out for food, the majority of the day was spent in bed uploading pictures and snoozing. As for today, Granada saw its first rain fall in quite some time. So as the Americans pouted their way to class, the locals couldn’t help but celebrate the end to a semi-drought.


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  1. Sounds and looks amazing baby!

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