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Level Uno

That’s my Spanish class. In fact, I’m currently typing this post at the computer lab in the Universidad De Granada, my nuevo scuela (see, I’m trying), as the rest of my peers continue their test. I was told that I could leave because I was pretty much incompetent. The professor was much more polite than that, but that was the gist.

We woke up this morning to eat a light breakfast in our dining room and then it was off to take our placement test. Everyone kept saying they were really nervous because it had been a few weeks, months, or years since they had last taken Spanish. But I reassured everybody that I have never taken Spanish in my life, and that they had nothing to worry about. When we got to our classroom, a professor explained the next few hours of our day (in Spanish) and we were handed a double-sided paper with short answer questions. The frustrating part is that my background in Italian allowed me to understand a majority of the questions, however, I had such little Spanish knowledge that I could not fomulate any answers. I basically sat still for 40 minutes. As everyone handed in their papers, I conjured up the nerve to say ¨no habla Español.¨ Who knows if that’s even right. One professor understood where I was coming from and told me that as long as they had my  name, that was enough to place me in level one and I was free to go. So, as the rest of my group continued on with multiple choice questions and an oral exam, I wandered up here. Good start to my day, I’d say.


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One thought on “Level Uno

  1. Pretty sure I’d be in level one too…. (and I took 6 years of spanish)

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